Love Always Tate DisneylanddLove Always tate DisneylandLove Always tate Disneyland Disneyland Love Always Tate Love Always tate Disneyland Love Always tate Disneyland

Shirt // Shorts (similar) // Jacket // Shoes

It was Mikey’s first visit to Disneyland and it was absolutely perfect. We were  prepared for the crowds. We mapped out the park the night before and were at the park right when it opened and didn’t leave until they kicked us out (in fact we were the first ones on Space Mountain!). We went on over 30 rides the first day. By lunch time are legs were cramping from all the running. We took a break that night by finding a spot and watching the most spectacular parade for Disney’s 60th anniversary. I kept my outfit more simple and cozy since I would be running all over the place going from ride to ride. I love my New Balances from Jcrew! They were perfect for Disneyland and go with almost anything. I also got my jacket and tank top from forever21 for great deals. Go check them out! Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth.

-Love Always,



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