New Year, New You

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It’s a New Year!! Which means fresh slates, new beginnings, and goal setting. Start the year off right by setting goals in categories like fitness, education, etc. I made my goals today and am super excited to start them! One goal I set was to run on the treadmill 3 times a week. I am a pretty active girl and get exercise from dance and tennis, but I wanted something to transition me into a busy college life. So I found an app called “Running for Weight Loss; interval training plan” (which was free at the app store). It has an 8 week program that has you run intervals 3 times a week. The app has you do a combination of walking, running, and sprints. It is said that 3 times more calories are burned with run, walk, sprint intervals. The best part is each session only takes about 30 mins and you can do it on a treadmill or outdoors, making it easy to fit into a busy schedule. Thats one of my New Years Resolutions… What’s yours?!

Ps the water bottle I have is called a Hydro Flask and is the best invention of all time. I put ice in it in the morning and it is still there when I go to bed, keeps my water cold all day. Once you use it you’ll never want to use a different water bottle, it’s defiantly a must have (Shop it here)

Down below are other great workout items:

(because sometimes you need a cute workout outfit to get you motivated)

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