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Every Saturday Classic Skating has a Disco night where you dress up in your disco attire and skate all night. It’s an absolute blast!! My friends and I have gone multiple times and it seriously never gets old. I love dressing up with my friends and making fouls of our selves. Haha but on the bright side I only fell once.

Bored on a Friday night and looking for fun ideas for you and your friends?? One thing my girlfriends and I love to do is go to dinner somewhere a bit fancier than normal and just talk, or we go to a friends and try making a new dessert (check this video out, they look amazing!). Bowling is always fun, or try and find a skating rink (I challenge you to dress up!). Trying to keep it cheap? Have your friends over for a game night and make it intense by adding prizes, or one of my favorite things to do when my friends and I can’t spend money is to make a huge fort and have a movie marathon. What are your ideas!?

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