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Preference was 100% perfect. From going tubbing in the snow with all of my friends, to spending time with my mom as she helped me get ready, and dancing all through the night with my sweet boy Mikey. It was an absolute blast!! I love love love getting dressed up, going somewhere nice for dinner, and being with friends. Not to mention I love taking pictures to have memories of great times and they turned out amazing thanks to the talented Matt Clayton!

Now for details of the dress… I found this dress on Forward, but the brand is Self Portrait and is sold on Revolve, Neiman Marcus, and ShopBop. Self Portrait is my new favorite brand when it comes to dresses. Each dress is unique. I love the details and patterns in their clothing. This was seriously one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever worn! It was so sweet, Mikey couldn’t stop saying how beautiful I was and how stunning the dress looked (he is the cutest). I highly suggest looking at Self Portrait dresses for your next big occasion.

Preference was such a magical night… video coming soon!

-Love Always,