Mikey and My first kiss story

First kiss- Love Always Tate(This picture is from my 16th birthday)

Mikey and I have dated all through high school, but he was my best friend ever before he became my boyfriend. In fact, we liked each other a whole year before he kissed me. I didn’t want to kiss until I was 16 and he waited. So here’s the story…

For my 16th birthday my mom and dad rented a cabin for the weekend up at Sundance Ski Resort for my friends. My birthday is in December so it was beautiful up there, it looked like a winter wonderland! It was Friday night (ha actually Friday the 13th to be exact, lucky nothing bad happened) and a group of friends and I had just gotten to the cabin. My mom made a delicious dinner then we sang happy birthday and ate yummy cake. Afterward my friends and I all went hot tubbing outside.

Mikey had the idea for all of us to go outside and go “sledding”. We went outside and climbed up this hill, everyone started going down on sleds, but when I went to go Mikey held me back. My birthday was Thursday and Mikey had already given me my birthday present, but he’d mentioned he had one more thing to give me on Friday (I figured he meant a kiss). So him and I started walking farther up the hill. It was a full moon and it was absolutely beautiful outside. When we got to the top of the hill Mikey mentioned that he had one more present for me, next thing I knew he pulled out the cutest jar that had little blue papers in it. He said something like, “This is our memory jar, I put 16 of my favorite memories of us in it” (Yes he thought of this all by himself, and yes he is the cutest). So he starts pulling papers out and reading them. There was one that said, “The first day we met for Sienna’s Birthday, I thought you were the most gorgeous girl in the world, but you were too intimidating to talk to.” Another one said, “When you called me on my 16th Birthday while I was in Orlando. We only talked for a bit, but it made me miss you so much.” I pulled one out that said, “The first time we hiked the Y in 8th grade, that night I realized how much I wanted you.” Mikey and I had been switching off reading the papers and after about 10 I went to pull one out, but when I pulled it out it was blank. I said something like, “This one is blank?” and then he said, “Let me see… Oh yeah…” then he kissed me and said “This is my new favorite memory”. We read the rest of them and just smiled. At the bottom of the jar he glued a paper of what has become my favorite quote “Cherish the value of a moment before it becomes a memory”. I still get butterflies every time I share that story. Michael Jarvis is my best friend, and I am so lucky to have him in my life. Love that sweet boy with all of my heart.

Hope you enjoyed our cheesy (but very special) first kiss story. I’d love to hear yours, leave a comment below!

-Love Always,