St. George Travel Guide

St. George Getaway Love Always TateSt. George Getaway Love Always Tate 2St. George Getaway Love Always Tate 1 St. George Getaway Love Always Tate 3 St. George Getaway Love Always Tate 4St. George is a small city so it can be hard to know what to do down there. I was actually born in St. George so I know the town pretty well (I basically became the travel guide for all of my friends haha). I thought it might be helpful if I shared what my friends and I did and where we ate while in St.George. One thing that is extremely important to me on vacation or road trips is the food, ha the food has to be good.

Some places to try if you are in St. George…

Benja’s is a must. It’s a sit down restaurant that is a little more expensive, but it’s worth every penny. Seriously the best Thai food I’ve ever had. Every time I go to St. George I eat there. My suggestions are the potstickers, orange chicken, and yellow curry. It is all so amazing!! (Ha now I’m craving Thai food).

For places with a more casual setting try Riggati’s Pizza, Mad Pita, or The Crepery. All yummy and good prices. Riggati’s pepperoni pizza is delicious. Mad Pita is more healthy, yummy greek salads and pita bread. The Crepery is good for breakfast, lunch, or just for desert. The Crepery is a great place to go with friends, the atmosphere is awesome.

Now for deserts (which is the most important part)… Nielsen’s Custard is something St. George is know for and is too good. I keep it simple and get chocolate custard with almond slivers every time, but they have all different flavors to try. Another treat I get while I’m done there are Bites Donuts, it’s a food truck that goes around St. George and makes the best little donuts with crazy flavors. I got the blueberry and they were SO good.

A couple ideas of fun things to do while you are in St. George… One thing my friends and I always do is go to the Dixie Rock, tons of us meet there and look over the beautiful city of St. George. There is also tons of different hikes you can do down there. But if you are like me my favorite thing is laying by the pool and swimming hah.

Hopefully this helps!!

-Love Always,



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