Adventure in Ogden

Ogden Adventure iFly Love Always TateOgden Adventure iFly Certified Love Always Tate Ogden Adventure Rock Climb Love Always Tate Ogden Adventure Surfing Love Always TateSaturday Mikey and I had a day full of adventure. It started with a hot air ballon ride (blog post about that and hopefully a video coming soon) and then we took a drive to Ogden Utah to go indoor skydiving, rock climbing and surfing.

We went indoor skydiving first and it was the coolest experience. It was Mikey and my first time and I’ve never done anything like it. It is like you are flying! Once you get the hang of it the instructor will grab on to you and spin you around to make you go so high, it’s insane!!

Indoor rock climbing was next, the rock climbing walls were so high that after a couple of times we were both pretty tired haha. Our reservation for indoor surfing wasn’t till 7pm and we got done rock climbing around 4:30… So we had a change of plans and went across the street to see the new Divergent movie “Allegiant”. It was nice to sit back and relax. I thought the movie was pretty good, have you seen it? What do you think? Let’s be real we are all their too look at Four;)

We grabbed dinner after the movie and then it was time for indoor surfing. I’ve done it before but it was Mikey’s first time. We both biffed it a couple of times, but luckily we got the hang of it. It was fun to see who could stay on the longest without holding the rope.

Saturday was seriously one of the funnest days of my life. Such an adventure! If you ever get the chance to go to Ogden you have to go to the Salomon Center where all of this is located. I’m pretty sure you’d never get bored there. Thanks for reading:)

-Love Always,