The Fresh Vegatables at Flora Farms

BIKINI (on sale!!)

new friends and great memories A group of guys who were down in Cabo for a bachelor party, gave us these shirts with the bachelors face on them. My new favorite souvenir 😉

Girls trip to Cabo felt like a dream, a dream I wish I was still living.

Each day went a little something like this:

Sleeping in and then waking up to the most beautiful view of the ocean. Eating a late breakfast buffet that included the most delicous omelettes and amazing yogurt with granola and fresh fruit. Then we would spend the rest of the day at the pool, taking walks on the beach, and enjoying the sun. We would literally stay out by the pool until 7pm. Then we would get ready for the night and eat at the most amazing restaurants (which I shared links to below) and then we would go out to town. There was never a cloud in the sky, the food was amazing, and I was with even more amazing people. Seriously the best trip.

My suitcase was stuffed full of swimming suits and summer dresses. Some of my favorites being brands I took with me were Beach Riot, Lovers and Friends, and Free People.

Next time you have the chance to be in Cabo here are the most go to restaurants:

Flora Farms– last year when I went to Cabo I didn’t get the chance to eat here so I made it a priority this time around. Oh my goodness… The restaurant is unreal amazing. All of the ingredients are grown at the farm so the food is fresh. It’s an outdoor restaurant and it’s beautiful

Bar Esquina– They have a live band on the weekends and the environment is a blast. Also the food is crazy good. Get the wedge salad and filet… to die for.

Grateful for the opportunity I had to go on this vacation with my best friends. Cabo 2017 went down as one for the books.

-Love Always,