Absolutely in love with my room here in LA and the best part is it didn’t cost a fortune! Everything I bought I was able to find for reasonable prices and deals. For one, my sweet dad helped me put up the wallpaper. It is removable wallpaper that I found at target (shop here). At first I was going to spend almost $500 on removable wallpaper I found on Instagram but found it for $29.99 a roll at Target. I used 4 rolls for my wall.

I wanted to keep my bedroom to be light and simple so I kept the bedding all white. I got my bedding from Urban Outfitters, and am in love with the wink pillow. It just add’s a little character to my room. Another accent piece I am obsessed with is my blush wool throw from Sara Lou Co.  It definitely makes my room, I was going to get white or grey but decided to add a little pop of color with the blush and then found some pink books for the night stand to tie it all together. Speaking of books… found them all at T.J. Maxx you can get them other places but they are cheapest there (shop them here).

As for my furniture I got basically all of it from Ikea, and once again my kind dad built it all for me. I got my lamps from target along with my mirror. Then for a final touch I added pictures of my family and friends that I just printed from Costco and then also got little trinkets from Urban Outfitters. Finally I went to the local farmers market and got some flowers to add a final touch.

It was such a blast decorating and making my room my own. I still can’t believe I live in California?! Doesn’t even feel real, but I am so grateful. Hope you all are having a great Sunday.

shop all I my apartment furniture here…

-Love Always,