It’s a new year which means time to reflect and look to the future. To set resolutions and make 2018 the best year yet. As I’ve thought about 2017 there were so many amazing moments. I finished my freshman year at Brigham Young University. Love, Kennedy was released theatrically marking my first film to be in theaters. I was apart of another incredible project that I can’t share quite yet, but I got a pet camel. I was able to travel to new places and had the opportunity to see Sara Bareilles perform in the waitress. Finally I made the decision to move to California to pursue acting.

2018 resolutions…

1. Clean eating. I always set this goal in January, but for the past year I have been working really hard to stay in shape and be healthy and to be honest I haven’t been able to lose any weight. It has been very frustrating because I’ve followed the steps but wasn’t seeing the results I was hoping for. So I decided this year I am going to try the Keto Diet. A diet the focuses on eating high fats and cutting out sugar and carbs. Getting your body to the state of Ketoses so instead of burning carbs your body starts to burn fat. I ordered the book “The Keto Diet” from Amazon which is a great starter and has tons of recipes and meal plans (shop here). I also found an app called “Keto Meals” that sets up  your meals, including a snack, for the entire week and then makes you a grocery list. The meals are all actually really delicious. I just started Monday but so far I love the steak salad (dressing is substituted with lemon juice and salsa), and also love the zucchini noodles with marinara sauce. My friend who’s done this diet also shared this drink you can have while on this diet from Starbucks… SO good. It is perfect for when you feel like you need a treat. The hardest thing for me has been cutting out fruit because I love it so much, I am going off fruit the first month to see if it makes a big difference. But after that I will probably let my self have about a fourth a cup of berries at night. Have any of you tried the Keto Diet? I would love to hear your experiences or recipes you’ve loved.

2. Exercise 6 days a week. I have been pretty good about exercise this past year, but want to make sure to recommit myself this year. I started BBG Fitness about 2 months ago and I’m really loving it. I like that it tons your muscles but you are also getting good cardio in each day. I am also going to look into taking a few classes this year… maybe cycling, boxing, or even a dance class. Just so I have a few fun ways to stay active. Also now that I live in California a goal of mine is to do a run on the beach each week so that I am actually outside once in awhile.

3. Be done with my phone 30 mins before bed. I’ve heard it a thousand times but being on your phone, or any screen before bed is super unhealthy for your body and makes it harder for you to fall asleep. So I am trying to make it a goal this year to put my phone on do not disturb when I start getting ready for bed and then not get on it again. This is definitely hard because it’s become a habit. Any tips for this one?

4. Get to bed by 11. I use to be really good at going to bed at a decent hour… but after all the holidays my schedule is off and my goal is to get to bed by 11pm so I can get a full 8hrs of sleep

5. Travel somewhere new. Traveling is such a great way to learn about yourself and grow as a person. In the past couple years I’ve been able to go to some pretty amazing places and this year I want to make it a goal to travel to a few more that I’ve always had on my bucket list. My dream is Greece and I also really want to make it to Europe. Aiming to do that this year. Where is your dream place?!

6. I also like to set a spiritual goal each year, obviously we all have different religions, but I think it is important to have something to keep you grounded and stable. I am LDS. So I set a goal to read The Book of Mormon every night. Also to go to the temple at least once a month. For more about what all of that was you can find answers to question here. 

7. Finally, the goal of being out here in California is to be able to make a career in acting. So in 2018 my major goal is to invest as much time and energy into acting as possible. By setting little goals like always having a scene prepared for acting class, read out loud everyday, memorize something everyday, etc. Acting is what I am most passionate about and has always been a dream of mine. Find something you are passionate about and set a goal to succeed in it this year. Because like I always say, life is too short to be anything but happy 😉

I would love to hear your resolutions and what you are looking forward to this year. A big tip to help keep these resolutions is to write them down and then tell someone about your goals so you stay accountable. I got the cutest agenda (shop here) to help keep me on track. Honestly I’m actually a little obsessed with it. Hope you are all having a great start to a new year! It’s time to start a new chapter, make this one your best yet!

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-Love Always,