almost over a month later but finally sharing my Cancun travel guide. there were too many precious moment not to share, so sorry for the picture overload. I had never been  to Cancun before but it is now one of my all time favorite vacation spots. We stayed at Vidanta Rivera Maya and was blown away by how amazing the resort was. I felt like we were staying in a jungle. The rooms were incredible and the pool and view of the ocean were breathtaking. Plus they have a Cirque du Soleil show at the resort that was great! My favorite thing to do on vacation is relax and swim by the pool. We were lucky and the trip was full of sunshine. We order food by the pool and countless Mudslides. But what else I loved about Cancun is all the adventures we went on…

We went to Tulum and saw the Mayan Ruins there. The feeling there was something else. Ps it says the ruins close at 4pm but little does anyone know they actually open back up from 5-7pm and if you go then you are basically the only ones there. After the ruins we ate at Hartwood which is this cute outdoor restaurant in Tulum that doesn’t even have a menu. Ingredients  are caught daily or bought at local farmers markets and they make everything on wood fire ovens and stoves. The food was so so so good.

One of my favorite days was when we woke up at 6am and drove almost 2hrs to go to Ik Kil. One of Cancun’s most famous Cenotes ( explain what that is) aka a mermaid cove. We swam around and jumped off into the water. It was breath taking.

After that we went to citzchen ita. It started pouring rain on the way there and did not stop… but we were already there so we bought ponchos and we decided embraced the rain. We got a tour guide which I highly recommend. It was fascinating to hear everything about the Mayan culture and why they built each thing. Our cute tour guide Walter taught us so much.

What would a trip be without good food 😉 Like I said we ate a lot by the pool. But we found a burger joint in town that was delicious.

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