Frankie Turns Four

People always tease me saying I go home to visit too much. But you see those adorable faces in those pictures?? How can I resist? Plus I can find flights for $100 roundtrip. My least favorite/ hardest part about being out here in LA is missing my sweet little sisters grow up. They are the light of my life, so sweet and pure and I hate missing even a second of it. So when I was able to fly home for Frankie’s 4th birthday it was a no-brainer. I got to spend the entire weekend with Reese and Frankie; riding bikes, going to our favorite restaurants, playing dolls, staying up late watching movies and all sleeping in the same bed. I got to see Reese at dance and gymnastics. And here all about both of their little lives. Then I got to be there to celebrate Frankie Jane. Took her and got Krispy Kreme donuts in the morning (because that is what the birthday girl requested) then I got to watch her open presents.

While we were out the day before Frankie, Reese, and I went into a toy store and there was this tiny little toy Frankie wanted. It was one of those mystery toys, so you are buying it and hoping for  a certain animal but don’t know which one you are going to get. Which as a kid I thought was the coolest thing ever, but now realize it is just a way for the parent to have to keep buying them until their kid finally gets the unicorn instead of the purple monkey. Yeah toy companies know what they are doing. Anyways… I got one for Frankie. It was the smallest little box, and of course it wasn’t the unicorn, it was the purple monkey. But when she opened it she couldn’t have been more excited. It was so precious. So sincere.

It’s weekend like this that remind me how blessed I am to be so close with my family. They are my biggest cheerleaders and best friends. I wouldn’t be where I am today without there love and support.

family if you are reading this… I LOVE YOU.

-Love Always,