Nevertheless She Persisted

I’ve officially lived in Los Angeles a year now. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Though I still use gps almost every where I go and still can’t figure out the 405… LA has become home. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and I’ve grown and learned so much. I’ve been challenged more than ever before and I’ve been  my happiest and loneliest this year as well. I’ve  met so many incredible people here in La who have welcomed me into this city but I still have moments where I miss my family and friends back home and feel like a little girl in a very big city. I show a lot of the positive sides of LA but it’s not always easy. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know exactly what I’m doing out here. But then I get to drive down PCH or see the sunset on the beach. Or I have an audition and I go to acting class. And I’m reminded how lucky and grateful I am to be out here living my dreams. No I haven’t become a movie star.. yet 😉 But I have improved so much as an actor. I learned this year that it’s all about the journey and enjoying the process. You can’t become what you want in a day. If it was easy then it wouldn’t be worth it.. and if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you (both sayings I’ve learned from my inspiring boxing coaches out here).

I’ve found new ways to express myself and I’ve met so many amazing people. And it’s truly changed my life. Boxing has been one of those things. It’s therapy and the people there are like family now. I may be a little obsessed and my knuckles have paid the price. I go almost every day.

Back to the people. Funny because everyone use to tell me to be careful about the people in LA, to “not let them or the city change you” (which I guess I get). But I’ve made some of my greatest friends here. People who genuinely are cheering for me and care. As for the city, I’ve realized it’s not the city that changes a person, it’s what they decide to do once they get there. There is good and bad no matter where you live.

As for acting I have had several auditions and opportunities that have been exciting. It’s definitely a process. Taking classes, starting to study Shakespeare, fell in love with Comedy, and have a ton of voice over auditions (guess my voice is good for cartoons).

Overall I still can’t believe I live here. Every time I see the ocean I get a little emotional. I’m living my dreams!! And no it’s not easy… I have a normal job, I’m pretty broke because rent is ridiculous, and I get recejected constantly. But…

“Neverless She Persistted”