Makeup Shopping

Fun fact about me: my makeup knowledge is very slim. Seriously my every day routine with makeup is the absolute bare minimum. Thank heavens for my beautiful mom who was has been able to teach me some tips and tricks. I was home in Utah last week and we went to the mall so she could help me spruce up my makeup products. We first went to Sephora where they used a machine to find out my skin tone so it’d be easy to match the right makeup colors. I highly recommend this because once you do it you can then go on to Sephora’s website and it will pull up all the makeup products that match with your skin.

For me, I have found NARS to be my go to makeup brand. I love every product I’ve purchased from them. From their tinted moisturizer, mascara, to velvet shadow sticks I love it all. I am all about easy and quick when it comes to my makeup. Seriously my routine is usually takes 10mins max and it’s an accomplishment if I even do my makeup at all. All the products I’ve shared above are what I use to accomplish and everyday natural glow. Not to mention it’s fool proof. If I can use them and not mess up than anyone can.


–Love Always,