Quarantine day 1039298

I haven’t written a blog post since May of 2019, but with what’s going on in the world right now I wanted to have something to remember this time in my life. So hi. Today is April 9th. About a month ago the world hit a complete stop. I’m talking things like I was supposed to go to Indian Wells tennis tournament and it got cancelled, all sports in fact including the NBA came to a stop, Disneyland closed down… all because of a virus called Corona. It has similar symptoms of the flu but is extremely contagious. It came from someone eating a bat (I know, insane). It hit China first and then Italy. Then it hit the US, and LA got hit hard because it’s such a large city. Everything closed down: restaurants, gyms, etc. Then it gotten taken to another level and we got put on a “stay at home” law order. Meaning only things left open are basically grocery stores and hospitals. I never thought something like this could happen, the grocery stores are bare, and for some odd reason the first thing to go was toilet paper. For someone reason everyone went crazy and thought they had to buy every last roll of toilet paper and Carmen’s made a killing.

Due to all the craziness I decided to get out of LA and come to Utah. I was planning on staying a week. All I packed were sweats and I didn’t even pack makeup. On March 20th I headed to Utah with 5 other people on the flight. My boss gave me a pair of gloves to wear on the plane so I didn’t touch anything… Well I have now almost been here in Utah for 3 weeks and still don’t have a return flight booked. This is the longest I’ve been home since High School. Not only am I home but quarantined… which means it’s just me and my family 24hrs of the day. Oh did I mention my parents are remodeling our entire house? yep. One working bathroom upstairs and I’m sleeping in the theater room. OHH and to throw another curve ball both my brothers had to come home from their missions because of COVID-19. Hunter found out on a Monday and was home by Friday and then Ian came the following week. Which is so awesome to have them back, but none of us were ready, especially them. SO yeah we are all under the same rough trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. My days consist of Reese teaching me Tiktoks, forcing myself to workout, going on lots of walks, and trying to avoid the kitchen at all cost. It’s a crazy time and we are all just praying life goes back to normal sooner than later. That’s all for today… stay safe and healthy.

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