Maui 2020

Spent a week in Kaanapali with my mom’s entire side of the family and had an absolute blast! We really got to explore the island and I wanted to share all my tips from where we ate and what to do!

First off… let’s talk about the weather. Maui is absolutely the driest island and we STILL got tons of rain on our trip. I’m talking warnings of flash floods. A little rain is great and all, but not when you are on a vacation that relies on good weather. It was so spotty which made it hard to plan. The first two days we didn’t get to really enjoy the beach because it rained and rained. But then the some came out after that and the UV Index was literally 11 and we all got fried lol. So if you are planning a trip to Hawaii, especially in the spring bring a rain jacket because weather can be spotty.

With that being said if it does rain on your trip and you were hoping to hike, make sure you check the websites first and call. For example we drove 1.5hrs to hike twin falls only to get there and be turned away do to the night before’s rain fall. It’s private property so they won’t let you go at your own risk.

Things we did and loved:

  • Blowhole- this was one of my favorite day trips. There is this big whole near the water and when wave comes water goes in and spouts back out. A little bit of a hike down but doable for almost anyone. Warning you will get wet.
  • Haleakala- DRESS WARM but so worth it. You have to literally wake up at 3am and drive 2hrs. But thanks dad for driving the whole way so we could all sleep in the back of the car. You get there before the sun is up and get to see all the stars. Then you sit and watch the sunrise on top of a volcano. You are above the clouds and its breathtaking. But we had blankets and were in sweats and still were absolutely freezing. Take gloves, beanies and long socks I promise you won’t regret it. Also right now you have to make a reservation with COVID. It’s only $1 but make sure to do it in advance because it sells out quick.
  • Black Rock Beach- Our favorite beach! Great snorkeling, and there is cliff jumping (I was 4inchs away from landing on a sea turtle, a story for another time), waves for boogie boarding but not surfing, and shops and hotels so easy access for food.
  • Lahini Shopping- Tons of restaurants and shops on front street. The best spot to get souvenirs and snacks. Best Shave ice on the island is there. As well as a Dolewhip shop that you can get Dolewhip served in a pineapple.
  • Saluter house beach- Don’t be scared away by the name lol. It’s a secret little beach you walk down all these stairs and opens up to a beautiful view and great beach. Great for people who want to surf and boogie board.
  • Baby Beach- The name is in the title. If you have babies or want no waves and to just sit in the ocean this is the beach for you.

Places to eat:

  • Mama’s Fish house- Best food on the island hands down. Pricey but worth the experience. Literally not a bad thing on the menu. The restaurant is literally on the water and has the most beautiful view.
  • Dukes- The best fish taco on the island in my opinion.
  • Pizza Paraidso- Low Key our favorite restaurant on the island and the only place we ate at multiple times. BOMB pizza and a decent price for Hawaii food.
  • Hula Grill- Lunch menu was way better than the dinner menu. The goat cheese flatbread though… that thing was unreal. Every single person at our table talked about it the rest of the day.
  • Frida’s- One of my favorite spots. Especially if you want to mix it up form all the fish and want Mexican. Get the tostada so good.
  • Coolcats Burgers- Some people love it, I thought it was only okay. Good sweet potato fries though.
  • Monkeypod- I think it’s overrated. We ate there once and I don’t think we would go back
  • The Gazebo- Do not wake up at 6am and wait in the hour line (I mean unless you really want to). My family did a togo order and I literally walked passed the entire line, got our delicious fried rice and macadamia nut pancakes (they really are sooo good) and then took them back to our hotel and enjoyed. No waking up early to wait in a breakfast line for us.
  • Kimos- Great fish! Restaurant is right on the water with a pretty view. Plus they sale hula pie.
  • Maui Fruit Ninja- A $14 açaí bowl but it’s in a pineapple, way cute photo opp and just fresh and delicious. (Not a set location so look on their Instagram for where they’ll be each day)

*Moral of the story if a restaurant as Hula Pie on there menu, order it every single time.

*Warning everything in Hawaii is overpriced. All the food is pretty expensive.

*MAKE RESERVATIONS. Especially with Covid, lines are long or places are booked.

All the treats:

  • ALL THE HULA PIE- Kimos, Dukes, & Hula Grill are all owned by the same people so all sale the same Hula Pie. It. IS. So. Good.
  • SHAVE ICE FOR LIFE- Ululanis. So good! Line is always long but worth it. My fav combo is Tigers Blood & Blue Hawaii with macadamia nut ice cream.

*Like I said my family lives to eat 😉

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